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Gold Birch Leaf Pendant - Large

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Real Birch Leaf Pendant in 24K gold

Our leaves are hand-picked and dried and then coated in 24k gold.

Each one is unique and beautiful, created by mother nature and finished by us.

They make for a lovely gift and are both elegant and eye catching.

Please note: each leaf is one of a kind and the actual shape of the leaf received may therefore vary slightly from the one photographed.

The Birch Leaf

Symbolism: Renewal, New Beginnings, Adaptability, Fertility and Protection.

Known by the Celts as Beith (pronounced ‘bey’), the Birch was traditionally used to drive away evil spirits and was viewed as the herald of new beginnings. The birch tree encourages regeneration and blesses new ventures. As one of the first trees to grow new leaves in the spring it represents growth, rebirth and new life and it has long been associated with fertility and healing magic. In Scottish folklore it is said that if your herd barren cows with a birch branch, they will become fertile again.

Add a Sterling Silver chain to this pendant by clicking here.

Dimensions: approx. 55mm x 75mm (actual sizes and appearance may vary with each item)