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Scottish Marble Set - Triquetra Teardrop

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A curated set with a Scottish Marble Triquetra necklace and a pair of matching earrings, at a discounted rate of more than 10% off. Price includes pendant, chain, and earrings, and gift-wrapped to perfection.

Significance of Scottish Marble:

A serpentine-rich, greenish white marble found in the Scottish Highlands, Scottish Marble has been used in jewellery, crafts and buildings, especially churches. Its mystical properties include enhanced intuition and protection from misfortune.

As Scottish Marble is a natural stone, the colour and patterns of the stone may vary.

Significance of the Triquetra/Trinity Knot:

‘Three’ is an important concept in Celtic mythology e.g. the existence of three material domains (earth, sea and sky), three spiritual worlds (earth, heaven and the underworld) and ‘triple goddesses.’ Triquetra/trinity symbols and triangular knots depict this threefold worldview.


Pendant 8mm x 16mm

Earrings 8mm x 16mm

Chain Fine 18″