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Silver Cottonwood Leaf Pendant - Medium

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Real Cottonwood Leaf Pendant in fine silver

Our leaves are hand-picked and dried and then coated in fine silver.

Each one is unique and beautiful, created by mother nature and finished by us.

They make for a lovely gift and are both elegant and eye catching.

Please note: each leaf is one of a kind and the actual shape of the leaf received may therefore vary slightly from the one photographed.

The Cottonwood Leaf

Symbolism: Strength, Generosity, Protection, Life, Vitality, Growth.

The Cottonwood tree has long been a sacred symbol for the North American Indian tribes. With its heart shaped leaves, the cottonwood came to be known by many as a Tree of Life, a symbol of vitality. The Cottonwood tree is also a powerful symbol of strength, generosity and growth – it is hardy and fast growing and can survive in most environments, it finds water where there is little, and is a source of shade, shelter and food for all who need it.

Add a Sterling Silver chain to this pendant by clicking here.

Dimensions: approx. 45mm x 40mm (actual sizes and appearance may vary with each item)