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Silver Japanese Maple Leaf Pendant - Medium

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Real Japanese Maple Leaf Pendant in fine silver

Our leaves are hand-picked and dried and then coated in fine silver.

Each one is unique and beautiful, created by mother nature and finished by us.

They make for a lovely gift and are both elegant and eye catching.

Please note: each leaf is one of a kind and the actual shape of the leaf received may therefore vary slightly from the one photographed.

Japanese Maple

Symbolism: Grace, Peace, Love, Harmony.

Associated with peace and serenity, Japanese Maple trees represent balance and harmony and have long held a special place in Japanese culture. In Japan these leaves are viewed almost as an equivalent to the red rose in Western culture. They symbolise love and are often given as gifts on Valentine’s day, presented as a token of a lover’s affection. They are particularly beautiful in the autumn, with their copper tones, and people flock to watch the changing of their leaves.

Add a Sterling Silver chain to this pendant by clicking here.

Dimensions: approx. 50mm x 50mm (actual sizes and appearance may vary with each item)