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Silver Maple Leaf Earrings

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Real maple leaf earrings.

The leaves are hand-picked and dried and then coated in fine silver.

Each one is unique and beautiful, created by mother nature and finished by us.

They make for a lovely gift and are both elegant and eye catching.

Please note: each leaf is one of a kind and the actual shape of the leaf received may therefore vary slightly from the one photographed.

The Maple Leaf

Symbolism: Protection, Endurance, Independence of Mind, Fertility and Healing

The maple tree was traditionally believed to repel demons and evil spirits, and, in many cultures, it was customary to adorn the front door with a piece of maple tree, in the hopes that it would bring the home protection. The tree also holds importance for Celtic mythology and it was long associated with Dana, the Celtic goddess of fertility. Moreover, the maple tree encourages independence of mind and is thought to help one with intellectual pursuits and communication. Maple is useful in spells relating to travel, learning and decision making and it is also useful for spiritual healing.

Dimensions: approx. 38mm x 43mm

Please note that these measurements are average approximations. Actual sizes and appearance may differ slightly from product to product and from the specs on our website.