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Silver Oak Leaf Brooch

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Real oak leaf brooch.

The leaves are hand-picked and dried and then coated in fine silver.

Each one is unique and beautiful, created by mother nature and finished by us.

They make for a lovely gift and are both elegant and eye catching, perfect fastened on a scarf or winter coat.

Please note: each leaf is one of a kind and the actual shape of the leaf received may therefore vary slightly from the one photographed.

The Oak Leaf

Symbolism: Strength, Survival, Truth, Courage, Wisdom, Stability and Sovereignty.

Known as the ‘King of the forest’, the Oak tree is one of the most sacred and powerful trees. Prized by peoples from all over the world, it was long revered by the Celts and the Druids as a symbol of strength, longevity, courage and wisdom. The roots of the Oak tree grow as deep as the tree grows high, thus the tree has a strong connection with the earth and is representative of stability and balance. The energy of the Oak is restorative and gives us the courage and strength to overcome all obstacles. Oak magic inspires bravery, prosperity, protection and strength. Carrying a piece of the oak tree with you brings you good luck and ensures that your ventures will succeed and prosper.