The Celtic Cross symbolises the bridge between heaven and earth. This card is calling you to be creative, imaginative and original. Challenge yourself to connect different points of view and different experiences to integrate all of this into one.


Number 4 

Number 4 is the number of reality. The 4 is the ray of measure, the alignment with nature's cycles, the material universe, physical laws, logic, the base of the pyramid, science, cognition by repetition, experience, knowledge, the intellect and consciousness. It discerns between the spiritual and material. The 4 is the diamond asking you to utilise tools of discriminatoin. Number 4 is the symbol of Mercury.


Chakra- THROAT

Colour - Blue

Phrase - Heaven on Earth

Flower- Clover

Task - Write down 4 virtues, 4 values, 4 activities that you enjoy the most and your 4 most favourite things in life. Read them and think how you can create heaven on earth by using all of them.