Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sterling Silver?

Our jewellery is Sterling Silver meaning that it is 92.5% pure. You will find the 925 stamp on the inside of your piece - this is your guarantee.
Sterling Silver jewellery weighing more than 7.78 grams is Hallmarked by an independent assay office and contains a unique Assay Office Mark - in our case, the Edinburgh Assay Office mark.

How do I care for my silver?

Sterling Silver can bend, break, scratch and tarnish if not taken care of properly. Wearing your piece as often as possible helps keep its shine, but avoid wearing it while doing tasks that can damage it, such as exercising or washing the dishes.
Polish your piece frequently using an anti-tarnish silver polishing cloth (this one from Town Talk is our favourite) and especially do so if your piece starts to tarnish.
Tarnish starts as a pinkish-grey tinge, and then progresses to black if untreated. When you’re not wearing your piece, keep it in a dark and dry place (silica gel packets may come in handy here).