The Celtic Design Story

Established in 1999, our journey started out as a jewellery stand on the Royal Mile in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. A few years later Celtic Design made a big leap in fusing ancestral heritage with contemporary Celtic designs, and gave birth to the creation of new, unique designs.
The success of this merging of the past with the present lead to the opening of our first boutique on Canongate in 2014.
Nestled in the Royal Mile, the stretch of cobbled road between the majestic Edinburgh Castle and the greenery of Holyrood Palace and Arthur’s Seat, we are an integrated part of Scotland's bustling capital. When Summer comes, we are at the very heart of the vibrant Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the biggest arts festival in the world.

In 2019 we branched out to the glamorous New Town to open a second shop in Rose Street. Seconds away from the Edinburgh Christmas Market, Street of Lights shows, and Hogmanay celebrations, we provide a haven for last-minute Christmas shoppers and tourists escaping from the cold. After twenty years in business, we’re so proud to have made a name for ourselves as an essential part of Edinburgh’s cultural tapestry.
Independently owned, our aim is to provide customers with the fine art of Sterling Silver jewellery, which not only carries an ancestral blueprint but is also locally inspired and available at reasonable prices.

We use the finest quality 925 Sterling Silver, tumble finished to give its pristine shine and guaranteed with the hallmark stamp. Semi-precious stones add a touch of luminescence and nicely offset our simpler, more humble pieces. Dainty and daring pieces alike are our specialty, catering for a range of styles and sizes, and our more delicate pieces are not lacking in details - quite the contrary and a large percentage of our jewellery is uniquely designed by us.
We humbly honor the heritage that the celts have imprinted on humanity and we are fortunate to be able to materialize them into jewellery and make them accessible to everyone.

Our work with Scottish Marble is our pride and joy and we can confidently say that nowhere else does it better than us. Scottish Marble, a gemstone native to
the Highlands, is a beautiful yellow-green marble formed with the combination ofserpentine and limestone.
Our Scottish Marble is carefully hand harvested by our team and meticulously chosen for its unique greenish color. Each stone is then cut and polished to reflect its own natural beauty. The versatility of Scottish Marble has led us to pursue a range of bold and innovative designs, and for many of our customers, these have become the definitition of who we are, giving us a unique reputation for our quality, design and handcrafted artwork.

Celtic History & Symbolism

The rich history and landscape of Scotland and the Celts is the main inspiration behind our designs. Our sophisticated knotwork is based on Celtic objects,
manuscripts, monuments and artwork. Since the Celts left very little in the way of written records, the significance of these ancient symbols is open to interpretation. Many have changed in meaning throughout the years, largely through the influence of Christianity and contact with other cultures.

Popular Celtic symbols that feature prominently in our designs include eternity knots, the Celtic Cross, Triquetra and Triskele, among others.
Setting Celtic symbols against the broader background of Celtic wisdom, spirituality and mythology helps us to better appreciate the rich cultural
legacy of the Celts in Scotland and beyond.