Your power, endurance and wisdom come from a well-established foundation. The message of this card is calling you to have the courage to cut any weak or rotten roots. This is the moment to learn to be resiliant and to find inner strength during tough times.
Number 5
Number 5 is the ray of the centre. It is the foundation of humanity in the individual self, inclusiveness, understanding, reaping, harsvesting and expansion. What is your foundation, your core purpose, your individual vision?. Remember that there is great wisdom to be found within the human form.
Chakra - Sex
Colour - Yellow
Phrase -  Inner Strengh 
Task- Write down or mentally go through the situations in your life that are most challenging - relationships, work dificulties, family dynamics, etc, and identify what bad habits or patterns are not serving you. Then write a list of things that you can do to make small changes which can bring you to the desired outcome.