If you welcome change you welcome life. This card is asking you to remove yourself from your comfort zone where there is a lot of wisdom and light waiting to be channelled and put into practice. Don't wait any longer. Today is the best day to start.
Number 6
Number 6 is the ray of orgainc balance. It is the dynamic equilibrium of the foundation of self combined with the one point of unity. Organic balance is an active process, not a static or fixed state. It is cooperation and reciprocal action, interaction between the spiritual and material worlds, telepathy, alchemy. It is also the symbol of Venus.
Chakra - Solar
Colour - Orange
 Phrase - Harmonic Balance
FlowerButterfly Grass
Task -Search and find a group which will work for unity, cooperation and brotherhood in every department of life - economic, religious, social and scientific. Take a strong stance against crime and extreme radicalism. The era of peace will be ushered in by gathering together on Earth the forces which stand for construction and development. By gathering groups in every land who embody the principle of brotherhood. Watch the signs of the times and do not be discouraged over the immediate future.