Open your heart to protect yourself and your loved ones. Unconditional love is the one and only real protector from internal and external negative energies. The shield knot wards of negative influences and empowers you to see life as it really is. And as the old saying goes "Follow your Heart"
Number 2
It is the antithesis. It is the ray of polarities - the smoky mirror and the clear reflection. It is all things in relationships - male and female, positive and negative. It stands for the duality of life. It is the symbol of the moon and of both the manifested and the unmanifested. Unity exists with the grace of polarity.
Chakra - HEART
Phrase -Unconditional Love and Protection
Colour - Green
Flower - Elderberry
Task- Sit for some minutes. Close your eyes, breath gently and bend your elbows. Put your hands in front of your chest, and visualize a small earth model in front of you. See a brilliant white light desending and entering into your crown and going down into your heart. When the light is in your heart, project that luminous light into the small earth that is in front of you. Visualize every being filled with a shining, shimmering bright light.