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Celtic Stone Ring- Diamond Triquetra with Mother of Pearl

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A Hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver ring featuring a marquise Mother of Pearl shouldered by the Celtic triquetra or trinity knot.


Significance of the Triquetra/Trinity Knot:

‘Three’ is an important concept in Celtic mythology e.g. the existence of three material domains (earth, sea and sky), three spiritual worlds (earth, heaven and the underworld) and ‘triple goddesses.’ Triquetra/trinity symbols and triangular knots depict this three-fold worldview.


Significance of Mother of Pearl:

Mother of Pearl is the pearly inner layer found in some seashells and used commonly in jewellery, masks and other decorations. Ancient cultures value it for its connection to the ocean and its ability to bring solace, prosperity and to revive old memories.



Band width 2mm

Face width 5mm


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