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Celtic Stone Ring- Trinity Flow Border with Amethyst

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A Hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver ring featuring Amethyst bordered with a lace of trinity knots.

Symbolism of the Triquetra/Trinity:

‘Three’ is an important concept in Celtic mythology e.g. the existence of three material domains (earth, sea, sky), three spiritual worlds (earth, heaven and the underworld), and ‘triple goddesses.’ Triquetra (aka trinity) symbols and triangular knots depict this threefold worldview.

Significance of Amethyst:

A violet or purple variety of quartz, the amethyst has been used in jewellery since Ancient Egyptian times. Associated with Bacchus, the god of wine, by the Ancient Greeks, it was believed to prevent intoxication. These days it frequently adorns the fingers of Bishops and Royals as well as the Royal Crown jewels.


Band width 2mm

Face width 17mm

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