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Mackintosh Pendant - Rose Knot

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A Hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver Charles Rennie Mackintosh Pendant - Rose Knot Design.

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A little on Mackintosh:

Charles Rennie Mackintosh is Scotland’s most celebrated architect and designer of the 20th century. Mackintosh’s design and architectural works are famous worldwide and rightly so. Drawing inspiration from Scottish and Japanese art, as well as natural forms, he used space and light to masterful effect, producing innovative and awe inspiring designs.

This piece is inspired by his original designs.

It features an abstract four point cross, surrounded by a circle, with a rose at its heart.

The rose seems to represent nature itself, the circle the cycle of life in all its stages (birth, death, rebirth) and the four points, the four seasons, representative of endings and new beginnings.

This would make for a lovely gift, full of significance and meaning.

Dimensions: 15mm x 15mm