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Tree of Life Earrings - Trinity Knot Leaf

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A Pair of Hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver Tree of Life Earrings with Trinity Knot Leaves.

Significance of the Tree of Life:

With their canopies in the heavens and their roots in the ground, trees were ‘living temples’ with sacred significance for the Celts, used as meeting places for worship and a refuge from danger. Their seasonal cycle was linked to the cycle of life, and their lifespan, to longevity.

Significance of the Trinity/Triquetra Knot:

‘Three’ is an important concept in Celtic mythology e.g the existence of three material domains (earth, sea and sky), three spiritual worlds (earth, heaven and the underworld) and ‘triple goddesses.’ Triquetra (aka trinity) symbols and triangular knots depict this three-fold worldview.

These would make for a lovely gift, full of significance and meaning.

Dimensions: 19mm x 19mm