The Celtic Design Journey: From a stall to a shop in the Royal Mile-High street

The Celtic Design Journey: From a stall to a shop in the Royal Mile-High street


In the heart of Scotland's capital, Edinburgh, a remarkable journey began in 1999 when Celtic Design emerged as a jewelry stand on the iconic Royal Mile. Over the years, we embarked on a path of blending ancient heritage with contemporary Celtic designs, forging a reputation for unique and finely crafted jewelry. Now, we're excited to share our latest chapter, the opening of our shop on High Street in March of 2023, fulfilling a dream years in the making.

1999 - The Birth of Celtic Design: Celtic Design was born on the historic Royal Mile in Edinburgh. This charming jewelry stand marked the beginning of a legacy that would grow and evolve over two decades.

2014 - The Canongate Boutique: After years of hard work and creativity, Celtic Design opened its first boutique on Canongate, another enchanting part of the Royal Mile. Situated between the awe-inspiring Edinburgh Castle and the verdant landscapes of Holyrood Palace and Arthur's Seat, this location was perfect for sharing our Celtic-inspired creations with the world.

2019 - The Rose Street Expansion: The desire to reach even more visitors and customers led to our second shop in Rose Street, located in the elegant New Town. This location offered proximity to the Edinburgh Christmas Market, Street of Lights shows, and Hogmanay celebrations, providing a warm haven for Christmas shoppers and tourists looking to escape the cold.

2023 - High Street: A Dream Realized: In March of 2023, after many years of dreaming about having a presence on the iconic High Street of Edinburgh, the opportunity we had longed for finally came to pass. Celtic Design was exceptionally prepared to open its doors and showcase its uniqueness. The new shop is not just about an expansive variety of Celtic jewelry; it's a fusion of Celtic nature and heritage, a testament to our commitment to creating a connection with our roots.  

Every shop in our Celtic Design family has its own unique character, but they all offer an immersive experience. As you step inside, you'll find yourself surrounded by the elements - the sparkle of crystals, the shine of silver, the warmth of wood, and the unmistakable scent and feel of nature. The shop also carries a hint of antique decor, creating an ambiance that transports you back in time.

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